Infographic: Celebrating Math Awareness Month

April is Math Awareness Month! Recognized by educators around the world, Math Awareness Month seeks to increase the understanding and appreciation of math. While math skills are required for many different careers (even some you would never expect!), many students struggle with the subject.

View our infographic illustrating interesting math careers and data related to math in higher-ed.

Math Awareness Month Infographic

MindTap for Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics

Confidence, momentum and audacity: these are three things that college students need to be successful learners. While math is often referred to as the universal language, it can present a barrier to students on their education and life journey. In fact, a recent survey found that 76 percent of students find math difficult. We’re here to help you create learning experiences that build confidence and elevate learning.

Focusing on the student

Three years ago, the Cengage Mathematics and Sciences team set out to find a way to make these subjects easier to learn. We believe that confidence comes from one success Read More…