Cengage Unlimited: 5 Years of Student Savings Thanks to You

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Cengage Unlimited
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Designed to lower student costs and improve access to learning, in 2018, we launched Cengage Unlimited, our digital subscription service. And since then, with your help, students have saved millions. To commemorate this 5-year anniversary, and 5 years of student savings, we collected thoughts and opinions about Cengage Unlimited from you and your students.

But first, a little background about student affordability

Higher ed has been shifting faster than ever, and education costs have been steadily rising. That means many students can find it tough to afford the required textbooks. They shop around and pick and choose which materials they can live and learn without. Research shows, they’re even having to decide between necessities, like groceries, and their learning materials.

It’s no wonder, many students aren’t always prepared for their classes.

“High costs are limiting too many students from being able to access and succeed in their learning,” said Michael Hansen, CEO, Cengage. “Students are either spending hundreds of dollars a year on materials, or else put off buying them altogether because they can’t afford them. And, for many students who do find a way, it is because they are taking on student loan debt that will impact them for years.”

Introducing the one and only of its kind

We noticed students needed an innovative alternative to the traditional, costly approach―improving both their learning access and affordability―so five years ago, Cengage Unlimited was born.

It’s the first and only subscription service to give students access to all eTextbooks and online learning platforms from the company’s library for one price. And it’s still the only offering like it on the market.

Video where instructor Kristen Quinn explains how Cengage Unlimited has her improved classes through access to quality learning materials and the flexibility to incorporate multiple textbooks.
After five years of recommending Cengage Unlimited to her college students, instructor Kristen Quinn doesn’t plan on looking back.


“Gone are the days of buying everything individually!”
Andrew Smith, Student at University of Texas at Austin

“[Students have] instant access to all the materials they need so they can start the semester strong!”
Sandy Keeter, Professor at Seminole State College of Florida

“Students are notorious for scouting out the low-cost option. With Cengage Unlimited, they can do so with high-quality content and useful learning tools. I call that a win-win!”
Loretta Cochran, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management at Arkansas Tech University

“Cengage Unlimited means giving students more benefits for a smaller price than any website or service I’ve ever seen. It’s a no-brainer.”
Kayla Melton, Student at California State Polytechnic University

“Fully embracing Cengage Unlimited as our primary course subscription program has been one of Union’s most important strategies to advance access & affordability in support of student learning. This initiative addresses at least three of our four college priorities, including, student success/excellence, innovation, and equity/social justice.”
Dr. Bernard Polnariev, Vice President of Administrative Services at Union College of Union County, NJ

The sky’s the limit with Cengage Unlimited

You as an instructor have the freedom to choose any Cengage product (or multiple products) that are right for your course, while giving your students access to any and all quality course materials. This cost-saving plan offers students complete access to all Cengage online learning platforms, including MindTap and WebAssign. It truly is unlimited.

“As an instructor, I like being able to utilize material from several different sources without adding any additional costs to the students.”
Matthew Ponder, Part-Time Adjunct at Eastfield College

“Instructors may find something in another text that could supplement their course and it gives the instructors a little bit more flexibility. The students get a more rounded education.”
Al Mallozzi, Electrical Program Education Supervisor at Lincoln Tech

“Cengage Unlimited takes the stress away from having to worry about finances during each semester so that all of my focus is on academic work. You’re literally getting hundreds of books for the price of one!”
Gleimy Rodriguez, Student at University of Connecticut

“Cengage Unlimited doesn’t just drop costs–it provides opportunities to effectively study the things you love beyond the classroom.”
Bilin Joseph, Student at University of Georgia

Cengage Unlimited subscriptions can also be applied across an institution to provide school-wide savings. Cengage Unlimited for Institutions allows colleges and universities to deliver day-one access of course materials for an affordable price to all or a select group of students.

“Over the last five years, retention and graduation rates across most of our programs have doubled. Having all of their course materials on day one allows students and faculty to focus entirely on the learning experience. Any university administrator seeking a guaranteed strategy for improving student success should immediately look to make this resource available to students.”
Ryan Tipton, Interim President and Professor of Business and Strategy at University of the Southwest.

Millions in student savings – all because of you

Students across the country have since saved nearly $630M with Cengage Unlimited―and institutions adopting Cengage Unlimited for Institutions have saved $230M. It’s because you and your fellow educators made a bold move to try a new product, because you care about your students and the future of higher education.

“All my students, regardless of their economic background, can now afford to purchase their books and access the resources they need to be successful in my classes. It’s a game changer.”
Cara Hoehn, Professor at Northeast Community College

“In the five or more courses I teach per year using Cengage, my students are able to save over $1000 each year in textbook costs.”
Mark Verhoeven, Instructor at Muskegon Community College

“Cengage Unlimited is the ultimate education tool for students on a budget. By combining all their products into one subscription, Cengage is empowering students to learn without worrying about paying for all sorts of expensive textbooks.”
David Wieck, Student at University of South Carolina

“I know many students like myself find relief knowing we don’t have to sacrifice textbook materials because of price.”
Alan Moya, Student at University of Texas at El Paso

Kudos to you and educators everywhere

Although we’re celebrating the 5-year anniversary of Cengage Unlimited, the celebration is really for YOU. Thank you for helping students save millions―and for being the educator you are.

“Using Cengage Unlimited has been a rewarding experience for my students on many levels. They get to save on the cost of purchasing materials separately. They also have ample resources to help them understand in different ways the concepts that we teach, thereby increasing their performance in the course.”
Tanya Mosley, CIST Instructor at Chattahoochee Technical College

“I absolutely love Cengage Unlimited and the experience I’ve had with it. Going to one place and having access to all my courses is so great, and the fact that it has continually saved me money is amazing.”
Brenna McIntyre, Student at West Virginia University


You’ve helped students save and you’re just getting started. You can easily compare your college and others in your area on the Cengage Unlimited Savings Map.