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New semester, new course materials! New content including Virtual Manipulatives, Student Learning Videos and Practice Problems are now available for Bassarear/Moss, Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers, 7th edition. Assign these in your teacher math course to support deeper student learning and practice.

Keep reading to learn how to apply these new questions and resources to your teacher math course.

Engage Teacher Math Students with Interactive Virtual Manipulatives

We know students learn math best by first working with concrete shapes, then using visual models to help them understand and teach abstract concepts. Engage students in the way they learn best with Virtual Manipulatives, used to help students investigate and explore arithmetic and fractions. Virtual Manipulatives available in WebAssign include:

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Base Blocks

Pattern blocks can be used for understanding fractions and for exploring geometry transformations, rotations, and translations found in chapter 10.

Base Blocks help students practice and visualize place value and arithmetic in bases 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, and 16 to match problems in the book.

Number Lines help students practice arithmetic problem in whole numbers, decimals, negative numbers and even fraction problems.

Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers allow students to practice using the rectangle method.

WebAssign exercises using these virtual manipulatives are available to re-enforce in-classroom activities at home, or in online courses.

Better Understand Students’ Thinking With In The Classroom Videos

Classroom Videos

We have added over 170 videos of elementary students explaining how they solve a math problem to demonstrate how elementary school students think about math.

These videos allow you to:

  • Watch one-on-one sessions and some group lessons as students talk through their thinking to show how they solve math problems.
  • See the types of mistakes different types of students make at each grade level.
  • Learn how students use physical manipulatives to help expand their understanding of math concepts.

Use these videos into your course as optional student resources, or as assignable problems with questions enabling students to reflect on each video.

Improve Student Learning with New Practice Problems

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Practice Problems

Practice makes perfect right? Exactly! Give your students access to an expansive selection of practice problems in arithmetic, fractions, ratios, percent, probability, geometry, and algebra.

These skill-driven problems provide customized practice and step-by-step tutorials to help students learn the math skills needed to teach their future students.

You can use practice problems in various ways to enhance the students’ learning experience, including the following ways.

  • Create pre-tests for the course or a specific unit.
  • Setup individual practice assignments geared toward a specific student’s struggles.
  • Maximize the value of these problems with WebAssign’s Class Insights.

How To Add These Teacher Math Resources to Your Course

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Question Browser

All of the above resources can be assigned via the Question Browser, or simply made available as optional resources to students via the Resources tab.



Have Feedback?

We would love to hear your feedback on how these new resources help your students.  If you have feedback, please contact Teacher Math Product Manager, Andy Trus ([email protected]).


Keep improving your teacher math course & explore all of the features available for Bassarear/Moss, Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers, 7th edition