How to Improve Student Performance with WebAssign

Improve Student performance
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Evaluating and supporting your online students can be challenging as you can’t have conversations with them before, during, and after class. Which topics is your class having trouble with overall? How can you support struggling students? What communication tactics will you use to intervene and support students in the areas they need it most?

WebAssign has the tools to answer these questions to help your students succeed.

Find Out Where Your Students are Struggling with Class Insights

Use My Class Insights for an at-a-glance view of class and individual student performance on questions and course topics. You can easily identify where students are struggling and provide personalize support to those who need it most.

Unlike the gradebook or Scoreview, My Class Insights aggregates student performance at the topic level, across all questions and assignments. It quickly identifies topics your students may be struggling with and even shows the number of attempts it took each student to get the correct answer.  Simply click the My Class Insights link on your course homepage to see the overall class performance and drill into individual performance.

Take Action:

  • Use My Class Insights to Evaluate Student Performance. You can use the instructor view of My Class Insights to evaluate student performance on the class or individual level. Use this data to determine the topics you should cover in an upcoming assignment, your exam study guide or even inform your discussion with students during online office hours.
  • Show Your Students Class Insights to Encourage Independent Practice. Many students infer that a high score on their homework assignments mean they fully understand the material. They don’t consider the number of attempts it took them to get each question correct – which can highlight topics they haven’t mastered yet.  Make sure your students are aware that they can access their personal My Class Insights report directly from their WebAssign course page to focus their studying on the most troublesome topics. They can even access practice questions directly from My Class Insights to make sure they’ve mastered the topics.


Use the Gradebook As a Tool for Student Intervention

The WebAssign GradeBook can be used not only to evaluate students but keep them informed on their performance. Set aside time at least twice per semester to review the gradebook and apply these tips to evaluate student performance. You want make sure students are aware of how they’re doing to avoid end of semester surprises.

Take Action:

  • Personalize Your Student Support by Reviewing Their Submissions: Within the gradebook you can identify and support struggling students by following their progress. Analyze exactly where students are struggling on an assignment by viewing  all of your students’ responses – not just the last one they’ve submitted. This helps you follow your students’ train of thought and determine exactly which steps they may be struggling with. Choose a few harder assignments throughout the semester and evaluate lower performing students. Is there a common topic or problem-solving step they’re struggling on? Should you assign more practice on these topics or offer additional one-on-one support?
  • Communicate Performance to Students: Throughout the term, sort your GradeBook and send email messages to students at the bottom of the class encouraging them to come to you for extra help, or reminding them of the study support available to them.


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