My Favorite MindTap Feature: Simulation Activities

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Dr. Jewrell Rivers is a Professor of Sociology, Marriage and Family, and Criminal Justice at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, specializing in family relations.


My favorite feature in MindTap is the Simulation Activity type. You can find these activities within the Explore assignment located in the “Apply It!” folder. I incorporate simulation activities in my Social Problems course to help put sociological concepts into real-life contexts. They challenge students to engage in critical thinking about social problems and social policy from the perspective of others. Students apply course material through these interactive simulations, which helps develop their sociological imagination by providing them the opportunity to explore practical scenarios from different perspectives.

It is often difficult for professors to engage students in critical thinking. Students usually rely on rote memorization and regurgitation of course material to retain information. The Simulation Activities address this issue by prompting questions that engage students in higher-level processing skills such as application, analysis, and synthesis. Moreover, the practical scenarios allow students to think about social problems from alternative perspectives by putting them in someone else’s shoes.

Students greatly benefit from the Simulation Activities through making meaningful connections to the course material presented. By making learning meaningful, you enhance students’ retention of course material and help them become active learners. Moreover, these interactive simulations empower students to take ownership of the learning process for further academic and professional growth. When students make meaningful connections to the course material, engagement increases and academic achievement improves.


Join Dr. Rivers for a walkthrough of Simulation Activities in this tutorial video:

Note: The simulation activities covered in this blog reflect the experience found within Sociology MindTap products. The availability and design of these activities will vary from product to product.

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