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Looking for convenient course creation, customization and setup in your WebAssign course? Course Packs offer a free collection of ready-to-go assignments carefully chosen by subject matter experts. In addition to our Scaffolded Course Packs for Developmental Math and Mindset Module Course Packs, the newest Course Pack style can be found in the 8th edition Waner/Costenoble Applied Math titles. These Course Packs provide materials that are formed into a solution for your entire course.  

Image of three textbook covers, "Finite Mathematics," "Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus," and "Applied Calculus" by Waner and Constenoble.

Your full course solution 

 Explore the first of our Applied Math titles to contain curated resources and pre-built assignments for all areas of your course. Use them as is, or customize to fit your course and lecture needs all in one place, including: 

  • Prerequisite remediation 
  • Pre- and post-class assessments 
  • In-class activities 
  • Homework 
  • Reviewing for quizzes and tests 
  • Quizzing and testing 


Screenshot highlighting the "Add from Course Pack" button in WebAssign, which allows you to add assignments from our prebuilt Course Packs into your course.


Explore course pack assignment types

With Course Packs, you can spend less time on preparation and focus on delivering engaging lectures and accessible assignments to your students. Build on previous lessons and tailor your teaching approach to meet varied learning styles with a variety of assignment types. 


Get students up to speed

Prerequisite Assignments offer self-contained learning modules that cover the algebra and pre-calculus skills and concepts needed to succeed in Applied Math. Students get access to an ample number of questions and have unlimited chances to answer. They can also use help tools and additional tutorials on the authors’ website.


Help students prepare for class

The Pre-/Post-class Assessments link to lecture videos and a tutorial from the authors’ website associated with each textbook section. It’s easy for you to provide knowledge-level questions with a mix of quantitative and qualitative problems, and ensure students complete assigned pre-class work or provide an immediate review of material covered in class. 


Get active in the classroom

Class Assignments provide in-class activities that are aligned with the textbook’s most important concepts. This is a great way to support your lecture and offer opportunities for individual or group work. 


Assign homework with ease

Homework Assignments effortlessly cover all section topics and various question types. They also include an “Assignment Toolbox” with helpful resources such as tutorials for students to review beforehand. 


Empower students to self-test before quizzes and exams

Review Assignments help students study material with self-contained and self-paced study modules. With unlimited answer attempts and help tools available to students, these assignments are perfect to assign or recommend before a test.  


Give students the practice they need to build confidence

Practice Assignments offer more of a challenging test environment than the Review Assignments. Here, you can take the help tools away and give students limited answer attempts to set them up for success on the upcoming assessment. 


Taste the test

Testing Assignments engage students with Chapter Review questions from the text as well as test bank questions that were created for the textbook, but are not included in text itself. Here, students can access base tests with more questions than you would typically include on a test. 


Deliver the right content at the right time

Gone are the days of searching for resources and materials to use in class. WebAssign understands your unique course needs and provides access to quality resources and set assignments right where you need them.  

Save time this term by adding Course Packs to your Applied Math Course – available now in the 8th edition of Waner/Costenoble’s Finite Mathematics, Applied Calculus, and Finite Mathematics & Applied Calculus. 


Want to optimize your teaching experience in WebAssign? Watch the training video on the redesigned Course Packs for the Waner/Costenoble series.


Waner/Costenoble’s Finite Math & Applied Calculus in WebAssign with Video Play Button