New to WebAssign: “A Transition to Advanced Mathematics,” 8e

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Did you hear the news? Smith’s “A Transition to Advanced Mathematics,” 8th edition is officially headed to WebAssign!

This popular textbook, designed to empower instructors, optimizes the learning experience for students and supports them as they learn to think like mathematicians.

WebAssign for this highly anticipated eighth edition is coming in fall 2024, and will be packed with an extensive question bank and convenient course scheduling features. In spring 2025, instructors can also expect all-new video assets, making “A Transition to Advanced Mathematics” your go-to resource for delivering comprehensive mathematics lessons.

Here’s what you can expect from this can’t-miss title.

Question bank

The fall 2024 WebAssign release of Smith’s “A Transition to Advanced Mathematics,” 8e includes nearly 600 meticulously crafted assessment exercises based on end-of-section questions from the textbook.

You’ll have access to a wide variety of resources to challenge and assess your students’ understanding of advanced mathematical principles. The question bank covers a range of question types, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded practice experience.

Course Pack

To further streamline your instruction, WebAssign for “A Transition to Advanced Mathematics” includes a Course Pack – curated assignments designed by our in-house subject matter experts. The Course Pack helps you conveniently schedule your course, providing a clear and organized learning experience for your students.

By utilizing the Course Pack, you can guide your students through the material with ease, giving them a ready-to-go learning experience that brings out their mathematics potential.

Video assets

In spring 2025, WebAssign for Smith’s “A Transition to Advanced Mathematics,” 8e will include video assets. These videos will help your students understand complex mathematical concepts by offering multiple learning modalities.

One of the highlights is the inclusion of “How to Do a Proof” videos. These videos are specifically tailored for students who are new to proofs, offering a step-by-step guide on how to structure and formulate formal proofs. Based on methods outlined in the textbook, these videos help demystify the art of proof-writing, providing your students with a solid foundation to tackle challenging problems with confidence.

Additionally, the video assets will feature traditional Watch It videos. Watch Its provide detailed instructions on solving similar problems to the ones listed in their homework or assessments. By incorporating these videos into your instruction, you can strengthen students’ understanding of key concepts and foster their problem-solving skills. Students also don’t need to navigate away from the problems as they watch these videos, since everything they need lives right at the question level.

Mastering mathematical reasoning

With Smith’s “A Transition to Advanced Mathematics,” 8e in WebAssign, you’ll have a powerful partner in crime as you deliver your advanced mathematics course. The extensive question bank, convenient Course Pack and engaging video assets will support you as you build an immersive and effective course for your students as they master complex concepts and develop critical problem-solving skills.

Learn more about how you can adopt this eBook and be the first to use this brand new WebAssign course offering.