The Grading Tools That Saved One Professor Time [CASE STUDY]

A screenshot from Dr. Miren Ivankovic's Success Story.
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Efficient grading tools and easy-to-build assignments are essential for any professor—just ask Dr. Miren Ivankovic. He found himself spending too much time manually grading and creating assignments, and not enough time nurturing and engaging his students. That’s when he turned to MindTap.

With the pre-made assignments and grading tools in MindTap, Dr. Ivankovic was able to save time and put his energy into what really counted—his students. Between pre-prepared assignments in MindTap and the extra energy from their professor, his students’ performance skyrocketed. But that wasn’t all—class attendance increased by 4.4% as well, among other successes.

Read Dr. Ivankovic’s story to learn how he saved time with MindTap, and how the switch transformed his classroom.