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Each year you and your students encounter new challenges – in and out of the classroom.  The Cengage team has been hard at work creating new question types and assignments to help you engage students in Developmental Math topics, on a deeper level.

Continue reading to learn how to engage students with new question types available for Developmental Math.


Concept Checks (CCs)

CCs are short, multi-step videos that review key math concepts. Students are required to answer a question after each video to ensure their understanding of each concept.

These questions are a great way to kick off assignments to remind students of key concepts. Also, they provide a useful way to engage students in the topic and confirm their understanding.

How to Add Concept Checks

To add these to your course, use the Question Browser and look for questions ending with “.CC”.  Alternatively, reach out to your local sales team for assistance.

College Success Modules

College Success Modules are a wide variety of assignable modules dedicated to addressing non-math obstacles. The topics range from critical thinking to study skills and empower students to become effective learners.

Each module introduces the topic to engage students, followed by a set of reflective questions to help them understand how the concept applies to their education.

Currently, the modules include the following topics:

  • Transitioning to College
  • Time Management and Goal Setting
  • Learning Styles
  • Classroom, Online Learning and Study Skills
  • Reading Skills
  • Note-taking Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Test Taking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication Skills

How to Add Them

To add these modules to your course, download them from your Course Pack or reach out to your local sales team for assistance.

Looking for More Tips?

Finally, keep in mind the following resources that are available to you.