Webinar: Move Your Course Online & Engage Students with WebAssign

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Moving your course online isn’t easy, so we’re here to help! Find resources and support to help you transition your course to an online learning format with the webinar: Move Your Course Online & Engage Students with WebAssign. 

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Video Time Stamps for Quick Navigating:

  • Intro to COVID-19 Resources: 00:00-07:47
  • Moving Instruction Online: 07:47
  • How to Test Online: 43:29
  • How to Encourage Student Interaction for Effective Online Learning: 1:23:06


AFTER WATCHING: Check out the video below mentioned in the webinar – Promoting Academic Honesty in WebAssign:


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  • To view the Honor Code question that was demonstrated, you can use the SEARCH button in the top left corner of your WebAssign dashboard and search for this QUESTION ID: 4625294. We recommend you duplicate this question for your own use to reinforce your institution’s policy on academic honesty.
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Read all questions & answers from our webinar – you may have a similar question! For quick searching, use the shortcut CTRL+F and search the term or topic you’re looking for.

Course Set Up

Q: Can I set up my course to integrate with Canvas?

A: WebAssign does work with Canvas.  However, if you’re transitioning online quickly, it may be difficult for your campus IT team to set it up mid semester.  You can download the scores from WebAssign and upload them to Canvas which may be easier.

Q: I copied a course from a colleague and I cannot edit the assignment because it is black. Is there a way to change that?

A: To edit the assignments, tell the instructor you copied the course from to go to Edit Class Settings, and there will be an Access section.  Tell them to ensure you have access to editing assignments.  You likely only have view access today.

Sharing assignments is a great feature to help set up your course quickly. Here’s a quick link for a step-by-step.

Q: Does WA have test banks for textbooks (e.g. Stewart precalculus?)

A:  Yes, it does. You can utilize pre-built assignments, including tests by downloading the Course Packs or can manually pull in questions from the textbook.

Q: Where can I see if a textbook I’ve chosen has a course pack and where would I find them?

A: Most textbooks do have a Course Pack.  If you go to Webassign.com and go to the catalogue, look for your book in there and it will list if there is a Course Pack for that title.

The course packs are found on the CLASS SCHEDULE page.  On the left panel for assignments, you’ll see a blue action menu (blue arrow).  Select that and you’ll see COURSE PACKS as an option if one exists for the text Here’s the direct instructions.

Q: Can we edit the Course Pack?

A: Yes, you can edit course packs!  First you have to download it to your course. Then, once you schedule an assignment in a course pack, if you click Edit all questions are editable

Q: Can you add additional books to your WebAssign course? I’m looking for videos that other books may have.

A: Yes, but you’ll need to contact your sales representative to add the second book to your course.

Q: How does question pooling work?

A: You can get to it via the Question Browser in the assignment editor. Here’s how it works.

Course & Assignment Adjustments

Q: Where can I find information about how to extend the time on an assessment for one student?

A: That would be in the assignment restrictions area. Here’s a quick link.

Q: Can you modify the end of the semester once you published the WA course?

A: Yes, you can.  If you click the “Edit Class Settings” link on the left side within WebAssign, you will then see a way to change the “last date visible to students.” You can extend this date as far out as you like.

There is also a grey “Reschedule Assignments” button that makes it easy to reschedule assignments to later dates

Q: When I limit students’ submissions on tests to one, how do I give them another attempt?

A: You should be able to do this through the extension route.

Q: How do we put a time limit on an assessment?

A: Within assignment restrictions. Here’s a quick link.

Q: Can the “show after due date” feature for feedback be changed to show maybe 2 hours after due date to deal with students with extended testing time?

A: The best way to accomplish that would be to turn off feedback after the due date, and then 2 hours after the due date, just go back in and check the boxes.

Q: Can you have a question at the end of the assessment to have the students upload all their work for the entire assignment at once?

A: Yes, you can by creating a question and turn on show my work or use the Dropbox assignment ID (16346824 for Drop Box file upload)

You can also use a file upload question. here’s how.

Q: Is there a way to set up the automatic extensions for a specific date (i.e. the last day of the course) rather than a time period (i.e. 14 days after the request is made)?

You can’t specify a specific date since not all students will request an extension on the same day or time (and we want to make sure all students get the same extension length!) If you want all assignments due at the end of the class, consider adjusting your assignment due dates instead, or making them due 14 days before the end of class and apply a 2-week extension. However, we don’t recommend making all assignments due at the end of the course as this will encourage procrastination and make it harder for you to pace the course and learning materials for students.

Tests & Quizzes

Q: May I use questions from the Course Pack assignments for a quiz/test?

A: You definitely can.  If the assignment from the Course Pack isn’t marked as a quiz, though, you may want to EDIT the assignment after you download the Course Pack and switch the Assignment Template to use the WebAssign Quiz Default (or WebAssign Text Default template

Q: How does WebAssign work in the Honorlock proctoring system?

A: WebAssign does not specifically support Honorlock, but if you’re using WebAssign with an LMS, Honorlock can work (as Honorlock works with the LMS).

Show My Work

Q: Some students have limited computing facilities.  How can they upload work I want them to show?

A: There is the ability to upload a file in Show My Work, so students can take a picture of a paper and upload it.  They can also send that to you for your own reference when grading the Show My Work.

It’s up to you whether Show My Work is optional or required, how many points it is worth, and whether it is available for all questions or only a few

Q: What file formats can be uploaded?

A: We don’t have any limits here.  So you can upload and share just about anything.

Resources, Videos & Supporting Documents

Q: How do I add the resources to my course?

A: To find out more about adding and sharing resources, here’s a quick link.

Q: How does the personal study plan differ from “resource” on the resources tab?

A: Resources are typically videos and other supplemental resources.  The Personal Study Plan offers additional practice problems

Q: Is it possible to post supporting documents with an assignments?

A: Yes. When setting up an assignment, you will be able to provide instructions to students.  Within those instructions you can attach other supporting documents

Q: How do you embed videos?

Here is also some help content for how to embed content in WebAssign.

  • To learn more about this topic, watch this video on embedding resource videos in WebAssign:

  • Or, ‘duplicate’ this assignment to start using embedded videos in your course – Videos Embedded (Cengage Library) #2 (Assignment ID: 16082804)

Q: Can you add multiple videos?

A: Yes, you can add as many videos as you like!

Q: How do we get the ink tool used in the video?

A: Click here to go to the Ink2Go site.