Addressing Readiness Gaps in Calculus with WebAssign [GUIDE]

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When students enter a Calculus course, their knowledge levels can vary greatly. To help overcome Calculus prerequisite gaps and prepare your students for success, WebAssign offers resources that you can use in your Calculus course.

Here’s how to use tools in WebAssign to support your Calculus students throughout the term, from start to finish.

Support at the Top of the Term

Calculus Readiness Bootcamp

The Calculus Readiness Bootcamp helps you refresh students’ knowledge and test their prerequisite skills. This activity contains a formative student assessment on Calculus prerequisite topics, as well as targeted learning modules to supplement areas where students can grow.

The assessment takes roughly an hour and a half to two hours to finish. The remaining time needed to finish the full Bootcamp depends on how much remediation the student needs with the supplemental modules.

To see the Calculus Readiness Bootcamp in action, watch a brief overview video.

Calc 2 Readiness Review Course Packs

If your students are struggling with Precalculus or Calculus 1 basics in your Calculus 2 class, you can quickly get them up to speed outside of class time with the Calc 2 Readiness Review Course Packs. These Course Packs were developed specifically to address common student prerequisite gaps in Calculus 2.

Topics include Trigonometry, Limits, Basic Differentiation Rules, More Differentiation Rules, Implicit Differentiation, Definite Integrals and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Indefinite Integrals, Evaluate Definite Integrals and the Substitution Rule.

To see the Calc 2 Readiness Review Course Packs in action, watch a brief overview video.

Support During the Term

Just-in-Time Exercises

Just-in-Time Exercises help you reinforce key prerequisite skills for your students as needed alongside your syllabus. These exercises are included within chapters and review important Algebra skills, and prepare your students to tackle and successfully complete the more complex exercises in a given section.

To see the Just-in-Time Exercises in action, watch a brief overview video.

Quick Prep Modules

To address student readiness gaps and provide a solid review of Precalculus concepts and skills, you can use Quick Prep Modules in WebAssign.

Quick Prep Modules can be used early on in your course, or whenever you need additional reviews throughout the semester. Each module covers one of 25 prerequisite topics found in the eTextbook, and you can assign homework about each topic.

To see the Quick Prep Modules in action, watch a brief overview video.

More for Calculus Prerequisite Gaps

To learn more about the WebAssign features that can help students overcome readiness gaps in your Calculus course, check out our guide, “Addressing Readiness Gaps in Calculus with WebAssign.”