Teach Proof Development Skills with New Automatically Graded Problems

Teach Proofs With Automatically Graded Problems
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You want to teach proofs in your Math course, but it’s not as simple as a right or wrong answer. Writing proofs provides a way for students to show their reasoning skills and to construct logical arguments which, in addition to other problem-solving skills, are critical in STEM fields. Students often struggle with proofs, though, because they are not a simple equation to solve.

Without one right answer or one set of steps to follow, students must learn to think about Math conceptually and abstractly. This is challenging because students typically want a model to follow. Students have to think and proceed logically, often not knowing where to start, what to do next and when to end.

Another obstacle for students is the lack of practice opportunities and immediate feedback on their efforts. Proof problems are extremely time-consuming to grade, so instructors are not able to assign many of them. When they do, students must wait a while to view the professor’s feedback and see if they’re on track. That’s where WebAssign comes in.


Teach Proofs with Automatically Graded Proof Problems

proof problemsNew assignable and automatically graded proof problems in WebAssign help students build confidence and understand proof development in an online environment. Students develop an understanding of the entire process of writing proofs as they get practice and immediate feedback.

These new proof problems are available in the following eTextbooks:

By working on these new problems, students learn how to structure and write formal mathematical proofs from start to finish. They choose appropriate proof strategies, formulate logical arguments and recognize when the proof is complete.

Students build their proof development skills by working through simple proof exercises to more complex ones, including:

  • Unscrambling the statements in a proof with distractors
  • Finding errors in proofs
  • Filling in the blanks in proofs
  • Proofing paragraphs with dropdowns

With the “Show My Work” feature of WebAssign, you can also continue to have your students submit proof problem work done by hand individually or with groups.


Available in WebAssign

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